Chapter 16 April 28 Louisville, Kentucky – The Palace and fun facts about other cities on this tour

Louisville is a schizoid city, shifting between being the northernmost Southern city and the southernmost Northern city.  Louisville joined the Confederacy, but not until after the end of the Civil War. Tonight, Bob Dylan returns to Louisville’s Palace Theatre, where he last  played in May of 1996.  This is his second show in the state this year, the first being last night’s show at Murray State University’s CSFB Center, an 8,500 seat theater in a town with a population of 18,000.  That must have been one empty theatre.  And tonight, in a city of over a quarter million people, his venue seats only 2,700.  Louisville isn’t the only party here who has their thinking cap on ass-backwards. Yesterday, you could still get a balcony seat for the Palace through Live Nation for $74.  A legal scalping agency was selling Orchestra seats under multiple company disguises at prices ranging from $155 – $235. Were I in Louisville, I would try my best to get a ticket, as The Palace may be the best venue on the tour.  This is a classic theatre from the golden era of movie palaces, and should be a fantastic atmosphere in which to experience Dylan’s best show in a decade.

With the exceptions of Buffalo, Saint Louis, Amherst, Norfolk, Ashville, Charlotte, Akron, Louisville, and Richmond, the cities on this leg of the never-ending tour are not regular stops for Dylan. This is the first time he   has performed in bowling green, Saint Augustine, and Murray, It is his second visit to Lewiston Main,, California Pennsylvania, and Newark Delaware, There are some coincidences in scheduling that bear note, although I will leave it to the reader to figure out exactly what it means:

He played Bethlehem on 2-18-99, Buffalo on 2-23-99 and   Amherst on 2-24-99

He played Amherst again on 11-18-99 and Newark, Delaware on 11-20-99.

He played    Bethlehem on 11-08- 2000, Lowell on 11-11-00, Kingston on 11-12-2000, and Lewiston on11-13-2000.

Other than these years, there were few occasions where several cities that are on this leg were grouped together in such similar conjunction.

Some other fun facts:

Dylan played in none of these towns until 1974, when Charlotte was the only one of them to be included on the US tour with The Band. Lowell was the only city to rate an appearance by the Rolling Thunder Review. Buffalo, Louisville, and Saint Louis were the only cities to be included on the 1978 tour. None of these towns were included on the first gospel tour in 1979, Buffalo and Akron were vested on the second gospel leg in 1980, and only Bethlehem was included on the 1981 tour. Buffalo and Akron were also the only cities to be visited by Bob Dylan and Tom Petty in 1986,None of them got to see Dylan with the Dead in 1997, and Saint Louis was the only city on the list to be included in the first year of the Never Ending tour.