7, Hugo Chavez and the Early Roman Popes

Angels and devils danced together in the aurora borealis last night, but it was just another gig for the band on the mirrored stage. And it is bound to be the same tonight, without Blake and Swedenborg’s celestial dancers on the cosmic roof.  I am more interested in who wins the vote in Venezuela today than what songs Bob Dylan will play tonight in Ithaca. This week is a week that could change the course of history, and not only for Venezuela.  Papa Francis is calling for a meeting of the cardinals to reform the church, his first step in bringing about the apocalypse that will free the church from the Vatican. Most Christians of the United States believe the apocalypse is the war between good and evil that will anticipate the Reign of the Beast.  But it is more probable that the apocalypse signals the end of the beast’s reign and the return of the church to Christ,

Neither candidate running for the presidency of Venezuela is capable of running the country. Although Maduro has been anointed by Chavez, I think he is an ignorant, paranoid moron who is likely to be thrown out of office by a disgruntled populace who don’t want to see their country destroyed.  The right wing will then take power, and the gringo imperialists will once again open the veins of Latin America, On the other hand, if Capriles were to become president, he would have to run a conservative administration or risk overthrow by the Chavistas. . In the meantime, another hero could rise from the street to renew the revolution after six years of stagnation.  A Capriles victory, however would be a setback to countries such as Uruguay, Bolivia, and Ecuador, where the promise of Simon Bolivar is being actualized.

Then there is North Korea, a mad country that can only be stopped by China.  Yet John Kerry is trying to get into the game as well. Kerry ran a winning campaign against Bush and then changed his winning tactics into losing ones.  He threw the race in order to introduce the unknown Barack Obama to the power elite.  The deal was done.  Kerry would throw the election, giving Bush four more years to fuck the country up even more than he had in his first term, then, when any Democrat pulled out of a hat would be a cinch to defeat the next Republican candidate, Obama would run and win and he could pull any bullshit he wanted to pull and people would applaud him simply because he was not George Bush..  And now Kerry has been given his reward: As per agreement, Obama has appointed him Secretary of State.  The Chinese think he is an oaf, but prefer him to the witch Hilary, so they let him in on the talks regarding the manner in which North Korea will be handled.  But he doesn’t return home with any real information.

This is the week in which anything might happen. Anything, of course, except Bob Dylan singing Cross the Green Mountain, Red River Shore, or Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands.